South African Director, Oliver Hermanus, Makes History At The Venice Film Festival

The homegrown, history making talent of Oliver Hermanus.

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Uganda Is Producing The World’s First Functional 3D Printed Prosthetic Legs

In Uganda you can have a prosthetic leg designed and 3D printed in 24 hours, and it’s free.

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Trevor Noah Thought His First Phone Call From Jon Stewart Was a Prank

The build up to Noah hosting The Daily Show is gaining momentum, in this interview with James Corden he reveals how he thought his friends were prank calling him, pretending to be Jon Stewart.

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Jimmy Kimmel takes down Cecil the Lion’s killer

The world responds to the killing of Cecil the Lion and it’s not very positive. Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s response.

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Local Uber drivers share how the company has transformed their lives

Without sounding loved up, Uber has changed the lives of many South Africans and regular people around the world.

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