Mumford & Sons come to South Africa

The British world rockers are heading to SA. Details after the jump.

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Bollywood’s Take on Rugby is Hilarious

The 2015 Rugby World Cup is just around the corner so what better opportunity for the Bollywood film industry to add their unique perspective on the sport.

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These Office Baboon Memes are Pure Gold

Not to mention those captions…

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Must watch documentaries: Part 2 of 5 – Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief

An exploration into the twisted world of Scientology and how one pop science fiction writer’s ramblings became one of the world’s most prolific religious practices.

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PHFat and Al Bairre Release Music Video: Caviar Dreams

An unconventional combination under pressure creates an awesome music

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Douglasdale Officers Assault and Threaten to Kill Innocents

Footage emerges of police brutality in Fourways.

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the act of killing 2

Must watch documentaries: Part 1 of 5 – The Act of Killing

The first of a five part series that showcases some of the best documentaries we’ve seen. The Act of Killing documents the individuals responsible for hundreds of murders during the ’65/66 Indonesian killings of communists in the most original way.

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Welcome to Dismaland – Banksy’s New Bemusement Park

Banksy has struck again and this time brings audiences an exhibition in the form of a dystopian theme park.

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American Tele-Evangelists will make you sick

Watch as TV evangelists request money for jets and skiing trips, whilst the poor desperately try and salvage a good piece what’s left of their lives.

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Celebrating South African Innovation through art and technology

Engineers, programmers, digital artists and other creatives come together to host a technology inspired festival

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