FB Drone

Facebook Deploys Internet Beaming Aircraft for the Third World

Internet technology is taking to the skies.

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McDonald’s Sweden Launches Big Mac Inspired Fashion Line

McDonald’s Sweden has taken the ironic fast food fashion concept in their stride and created a lifestyle line inspired by their iconic Big Mac burger.

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Neill Blomkamp Signs as Executive Producer of Epic new SciFi — Leviathan [Watch Teaser]

Neill Blomkamp seems to have moved along to the next big thing – involving massive carnivorous space whales.

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Women Crush Wednesday – Female musicians shifting focus onto women in male dominated industries

Last week my news feed was filled with stories about influential female musicians creating and inspiring initiatives directing  focus onto women’s achievements in male dominated industries. In an interview with Pitchfork, Bjork noted that one way to change the boys’ club culture of electronic music production would be to have women take photos of themselves […]

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The Lie We Live [A Short Documentary Everyone Should See]

Education is the first step people – watch this doccy, share and make change starting with your own life.

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Ernie Els Snaps Club Against a Tree [Video]

Watch the golfing legend attempt to get himself out of the rough but instead he snaps his club against a tree.

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Watch: Jimmy Kimmel Interviews Stoned People at SXSW [Pot Quiz]

You know weed is becoming social accepted when TV shows interview stoners in a humorous light, in a US state where it’s in fact illegal.

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