The World’s Largest Lego Exhibition is Coming to South Africa

The exhibit consists of over 70 Lego sculptures and is made up of over 1 million blocks of Lego.

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Drone Racing is a Thing and It Looks Like Your Own Star Wars Chase Scene

First Person View (FPV) drone racing is now a thing and people are starting to form racing leagues.

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The White Folks — The South African Mockumentary Series We’ve All Been Waiting For

The White Folks is a mockumentary web series that follows the lives of two families living in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town starring Schalk Bezuidenhout

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Watch a Lion Kill from the Predator’s Perspective [Crazy GoPro Footage]

Kevin Richardson has been accepted into this pride and with his GoPro cat-cam he films never seen before footage of a wild lion’s behaviour.

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Felix Laband Drops 2 New Tracks Off His New Album

Felix Laband is making house and it’s pure bliss.

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Better Bodies: The Cape Flats Gym that is Transforming Lives

A short documentary on Rui Solomons, the once at-risk teenager has diverted his focus towards bodybuilding.

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Jimmy Carr “I Blame Reeva” Joke. Too Soon?

He’s really put his foot in it this time!

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