Yasiin Bey speaks out about the World Passport in upcoming documentary

There has been much talk on the recent arrest of Yasiin Bey in Cape Town for his World Passport. Here’s an opportunity to find out more about it.

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Do you know how many police commit suicide?

While the boys in blue might be our last line of defence against the bad guys, who is protecting them?

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An artist's interpretation of Rusingoryx atopocranion on the Late Pleistocene plains of what is now Rusinga Island, Lake Victoria is seen in an undated illustration courtesy of Todd S. Marshall. Scientists said on February 4, 2016, that fossils unearthed in Kenya showed that a horned, hoofed grass-eater called Rusingoryx that roamed Africa's savannas tens of thousands of years ago boasted an odd nasal structure unlike any other mammal, past or present.  REUTERS/Todd S. Marshall/Handout via Reuters

Bizarre Dinosaur-like Wildebeest Discovered in Kenya

The wildebeest’s late cousin may have had a dinosaur trait

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A few of the people who have made South Africa great

A look at some of the exceptional talent that has come from the down south.

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100 Years of the ‘Zombie’ Evolution!

For a century the walking dead have been limping into our lives, but strangely, it’s not just us who have evolved.

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Your Life in Lego – a minamalist photo series

Another reason to love Lego more

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**  FILE  **  Dismissed Deputy President Jacob Zuma responds to questions, during a press conference in Cape Town, South Africa, in this June, 14, 2005 file photo. The National Prosecuting Authority said in Pretoria South Africa, Monday, June 20, 2005 that Zuma will be prosecuted on two counts of corruption. (AP Photo/Obed Zilwa)

Zuma to #PayBackTheMoney!

Is this too good to be true?

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