The Sausagefest Meter — This Changes Everything

Are you looking to head out and potentially get lucky this weekend? Check out this fantastic app that tells you the exact guy girl ratio of any party you want to go to…

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The World’s Biggest Brands are Using the Same Fonts…

The world’s biggest brands get deconstructed to their core. Nike, LV and Supreme are all using the same typeface. Know what it is?

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Watch: PH Fat — Lights Out [Music Video]

Watch the new PH Fat music video directed featuring girl pillow fights in their panties and wrecking the home of an elderly Asian man, who seems to like it.

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Introducing Nike’s First Fully Interactive LED Basketball Court

Watch this video of the world’s first fully interactive LED screen basketball court!

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Watch Local Bands Recreate PH Fat, Sibot and Taxi Violence Beats in: Oppikoppi Campsite Covers

Guess you never thought you’d hear PH Fat – Lights Out as a Ska number? Watch this and more incredible covers of Sibot and Taxi Violence inside. Must see!

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Aphex Twin announces new album: SYRO via Deep Web link

In one of the most brilliant pieces of marketing ever seen on the internet, Aphex Twin leaks data about his first album in 13 years.

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The Hyperlip Makes You Look Stupidly Awesome

The plastic mouthpiece invention stretches your lips to expose your gums and teeth in the most comical and creepy way possible.

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