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Our Internet Famous South African Travellers set the Record Straight

Chanel Cartell and Stevo Dirnberger set out to explore the farthest reaches of this planet. Their dream was praised and then condemned after a recent blog post… but their journey is far from over.

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Watch as South African Taxi Flies Down Wrong Side of Highway

The taxi situation in South Africa is out of control. Here’s just another example as to why.

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syrian story john oliver

A Real Syrian Story

The Syrian crisis has reached catastrophic proportions, but what do we do about it? Sometimes we have to remember that we’re human.

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11 Key Benefits of Drinking Whisky

Are you a whisky lover? From losing weight to living longer, here are a few more reasons why you should love this perfectly distilled beverage

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Dont Party’s Moments of Vodacom In The City 2015

Vodacom In The City kicked off summer with the most energetic and friendly day festival Joburg has seen this year. Check out our favourite moments.

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Dj arch jnr 3 years old

3 Year Old DJ Rips Up South Africa’s Got Talent

Meet the 3 year old DJ talent taking the world by storm.

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Cape Town now and then

The Evolution of the Cape Town – From the 1800s to 2015

Has the Mother City changed much in the last 100 or so years? Come find out.

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jewels bear chase monrovia

Meet Jewels the Bear Fighting Super Dog

What happens when two bears enter your property? So long as Jewels the bulldog is there, you have no fear!

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10 000 Incredible Images of NASA’s Apollo Missions Released

Check out some incredible never seen before images of NASAs previous Apollo missions from the Project Apollo initiative.

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Catherine Constantinides: Former Miss Earth and Climate Activist– 21 ICONS

Social Entrepreneur, Climate Activist and former Miss Earth, Catherine Constantinides is this week’s 21 Icon feature.

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The Best Instagrams of Vodacom in the City 2015

Check out our choice of some of the top pics from the instagram attendees of Vodacom in the City 2015.

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