This Homeless Cape Town Skater Needs You

Peter doesn’t do drugs or crime, he skates. Peter also lives on the street and needs a little bit of your help to create a brighter future for himself.

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Women Crush Wednesday: Jana Hamman

Creating culture, inspiring values and shaping the future.

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Here’s Barack Obama busting a dance move in Kenya

The American president was in Nairobi recently and was caught on camera doing the traditional Lipala dance. The dude has got moves. During the trip, he also was rumoured to say “I’m the first Kenyan American president”.

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Jon Ronson

How One Tweet Can Ruin Your Life

You’re just a cog in the mutual approval machine.

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Watch Schalk Bezuidenhout reveal his best insult [Questions in the Dark]

There’s literally nothing you can say to that!

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Can This Wind Wall Suck Carbon Dioxide Out Of The Air?

If you can’t grow enough trees, build a giant wall to suck the carbon dioxide straight out of the air.

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Will Obama fight the Kenyans?

Obama lands in Kenya today and the question on everybody’s lips is gay marriage.

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