A Chat with ESA Ahead of #Cycle2ADE

Some of the biggest stars in electronic music are cycling from London to Amsterdam Dance Event, in order to raise funds for electronic music upliftment in South Africa. We chat to London based South African ESA ahead of his ride.

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Slow Motion Skateboarding Video Recorded on the iPhone 6 is Surreal and Perfect

TheWatch some of the first video taken on the iPhone 6 utilising its high frame rate video – just shows how complex these tricks really are!

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What Happens to Cartoon Heroes During the Recession?

He-man as a wealthy lingerie designer, Charlie Brown running a kebab stand and Roger Rabbit settling for a second rate marriage – this is what happens to cartoon heroes during the recession. Enjoy!

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The Sennheiser Urbanite Will Make Love to Your Ears :: Watch the Hysterical New Ad

Sennheiser just released the Urbanite and according to this hysterical launch video, the experience of using them is nothing short of orgasmic.

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Watch How Video Game Music is made in RBMA’s Diggin in the Carts Episode 2

RBMA does an incredible exposé on video game music from the 80s and 90s. This episode featuring Flying Lotus and Fatima Al Qadiri.

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Karma Just Dealt the Westboro Baptist Church a Backhand: The “God Loves Gays” Billboard

One of the most hateful homophobic groups in America just got a massive “God Loves Gays” billboard opposite their church.

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Miley Cyrus Accessories and Sculptures Form Part of New Jeremy Scott Fashion Collection

Miley just teamed up with designer Jeremy Scott, to create a series of sculptures and accessories made from sex toys, teen rave paraphernalia and fake hair.

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Report: Team South Africa at Olmeca Night Assembly :: Mykonos

Olmeca Assembled some of the world’s biggest tequila drinking nations in the world in Mykonos this weekend. The South African camp fared well!

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