South Africa, Do You Want To Explore The Night?

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The latest campaign from Smirnoff Ice Double Black with Guarana has sought to bring you adventurous types relief from the drag of the cyclical nature to nightlife adventuring that typically affects most South Africans.

#ExploreTheNight seeks to show you where to head out, if you’re looking to do something more than the good old pub.

Combined with the mystical powers of social media amalgamation, Smirnoff implores you to share your music, activities, good times and more, by hash-tagging #ExploreTheNight at your most memorable and emotionally peaked moments, and then join in with others from across the country as they do the same.

Their website – – then displays all your momentous feeds, at all the keystone moments in your event-bopping, Livingstone like evening experiences on a national or regional scale, inviting you to join in with others, where ever they might be, to share social experiences, find new places and parties – it’s party based social media fun – and more.

Give it a try – hashtag #ExploreTheNight and then check out

explore the night


How do you #ExploreTheNight?

If you’re used to being told where the best places are to socialise, it’s time to take the lead. Instead of dictating trends like most brands, Smirnoff is giving you the chance to write your own experience and share that with others. This will encourage South Africans to explore their surroundings and break free from a typical night out of partying.

Smirnoff Ice Double Black with Guarana is interested in finding out what your preferences are, where you like to party and what you like to do on a great night out. The aim is to share your taste of music, hotspots, clubs, bars and SA culture.

So where do you like to #ExploreTheNight? In return, Smirnoff will suggest places that let you do the things you love. Similarly, when you share your music preferences from the clubs and bars you attend, you’ll receive suggestions.

So where is all of this taking place?

You can share your experiences, interests and social plans at

This site gives lets you peek into the nightlife of SA, while letting your tagged tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram snaps populate the site when you use the #ExploreTheNight hashtag.

Don’t just plan a night out, discover the endless possibilities of your city and #ExploreTheNight!

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