The 15 Most Popular ‘Damn You Auto Correct’ Texts Of All Time


I’ve been an iPhone owner for years now and I’ve encountered quite a few “Damn you Auto Correct” moments along the way. It’s an experience shared by millions of smartphone owners and has lead to the popularity of the blog ‘Damn You Auto Correct.’

The site has become immensely popular and since its launch last October the site has cumulatively received almost 300 million page views. In celebration they have posted a list of the 15 most popular Damn You Auto Correct submissions of all time.

I still struggle to believe some of the entries are legitimate but the CEO Jillian Madison told Techcrunch, “I honestly don’t think most of them are fake. Sure, a few people know about these lame text generators, but I don’t think the average DYAC reader/submitter has a clue they exist.”

Not so sure about that but they’re pretty enjoyable to read through. Check out the top 10 below and you can find the rest here [CLICK]

Top 10 [1-10]


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