Inside Look :: Universal Music Publishing Studios

In music the actual money is made on the publishing side of things. Publishing is basically the behind the scenes, “who owns the song for how long”, type of thing. Therefore it involves who actually owns the rights to a track and the $ exchanges that happen.

Welcome now to the Universal Music Publishing Studios in London, UK. This is the head office for the Universal Music publishing in the U.K. and this is where a lot of those dollar/ pound/ euro bills are, on paper, exchanged

Zynk Design, a creative and design agency based in London, was given the task to head up the interior design of the relocation of the new 5-storey head office building and this is what they did!

Brief: To facilitate the relocation of the Publishing Group into a new 5 storey office in Fulham, along with the design of a new reception, staff breakout area, executive floor, boardroom and general office accommodation.

Solution: Bold shapes, colours, textures & use of technology combine to deliver an exciting, young, contemporary workplace which express the personality of the Universal brand & its staff.


Alex Wright

Alex Wright

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Alex Wright