Dont Party visits – Stroke 03 :: Urban Art Fair [Berlin]

The 3rd edition of Stroke, urban art fair took place in Berlin this past weekend, and Dont Party’s Man in Japan was lucky enough to be there in all his mystery. Stroke 03 brought together some of the world’s best artists within the realms of illustration, painting, drawing, graffiti, mixed media, sculpture, sticker art, graphic art, comics, digital art, fashion and many more.

I visited the fair for a couple of hours on Saturday evening, and was totally in my element the entire time. Some of the notables were meeting the illustrator behind the fearsome Siriusmo EP covers, and realizing that once I begin my own art collection, the interior of my house is going to look nothing like that of my parents!

Just when I thought I had seen it all, I stumbled upon an entire section dedicated to Cape Town’s very own “A Word of Art”, featuring the works of Jordan Metcalf, Bruce Mackay, Freddy Sam, Linsey Levendall(Bison), Paul Senyol, black Koki, Lenny, 35-TEN-73, Jean De Wet and Faith47. I’ll be honest, I had a cheesy proudly SA moment! Since I noticed the “Gone Painting” note they had pasted up on the wall, I added my Dont Party email to their mailing list…

The fair itself showcased such a massive spectrum of really high calibre artworks, and not the pretentious stuff that often comes to mind when you think of art exhibitions. The pieces brought about very real emotions, whether deep and controversial or light and cutesy, it really was very refreshing to see that the intellectuals of our generation are relevant to this degree.

After walking around the entire fair two and a half times, I had to be torn away to an afterparty. But if you ever get the chance, do yourself a favor and visit Berlin, because if the weekend I had was anything to go by, then this place is a serious epicentre for bigger things to come.

Visit the Stroke 03 website for more details here.

Visit the /A Word of Art website for details about their involvement here.

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