Faith47 Diaries :: Chapter III :: London & Berlin

berlin knows the cold like a mother knows a child.

i watched the air licking the leaves off the trees, preparing the soil for winter…
not cold for berlin. but cold for my fingers as they trudged with luggage, paintings and the weight of almost missed planes.

i arrived in berlin for stroke.03 art fair, i showed some of my newest paintings and ricky also had a stand there, he was showing the works of jordan metcalf, black koki, 37.ten.73, senyol, freddy sam and a really beautiful piece by bruce mackay…

i was suppost to paint a large wall outside, but the permission had fallen through on the wall they had planned,
so instead i joined some others to paint a massive old abandoned beer factory..

this was my highlight. of course there is nothing more satisfying for me then
peering into lost rooms of abandoned function and loosing my thoughts to bauhaus,
caressing curved lines over machines and old doors..
the time was short, 5 days in berlin, 5 days in london…
both cities ive stayed in before so i have a sense of them already.

london. grey. monster of wealthy doom and restless abandon.
so much to do there one can only try fill in some gaps.
the moniker art fair was really great. very professional.

a select group of galleries, carefully picked by frankie shea to represent the cutting edge of the global street art meets gallery movement.

leaning away from the gimicky work flaunted after the banksy blowup and returning the gaze to quality…
black rat press [london], circle culture gallery [berlin], choque cultural [sao paulo], campbarbossa [london], new image art [los angeles], carmicheal gallery [los angeles], Patricia Armocida [milan], and anonomous gallery from new york were the galleries showing.

the project spaces belonged to t*freak, herakut, eine, katrin fridriks, steve powers and polly morgan.
i had some work in the cambarbossa stand as well as painting outside the venue and we also screened the freedom charter video.

london was exhausting, fun but really tiring, mentally and physically.

im glad that eine is visiting south africa this week. will need to find some shutters for him to paint..
im glad that i ate indian food with my mom, missioned with ricky at 4am on that cold berlin morning after locking ourselves out of the flat, that i found some cute brown shoes, that i was able to think about what im doing, about the difference between lifestyle and styled life, that i saw the freize art fair, that i met tika tiger, that i found some autumn leaves for my bedroom, that i never lost a second of burning from the inside even when my skin was cold…
i was really homesick in the last week and after seeing old friends and making some new ones i was so happy to return to that beautiful man child keya, and the first thing we did after nearly dying while watching a taxi career in front of us and then wrap itself instantly [in slow motion] like paper around a pole,
was to go to the beach and enjoy the end of a 32 degree cape town day.

cape town knows the sea like a mother knows a child and i know my child like the sea knows the sunset.
thank you world for showing me your hidden corners and painting me home.