Eyes of Fear [by coarse]

Following the traditional bust sculpture format, this latest portrayal from coarse [Hong Kong] captures a dramatic moment at the end of their noop character’s life, as blood runs down his chin and onto his chest. His drained existence is accentuated by sunken features and lifeless colours. A distinctive coarse creation.

Approx. ZAR 3,885 [includes global shipping]

On sale at coarse hkg, October 14, 2010
11 pm Hong Kong time [05 pm Berlin, 11 am New York, 08 am Los Angeles]

This embodiment of noop captures the final moment in which his existence shines upon his face. Now you can experience the dramatic presence of noop in real-life, an extraordinary and once off coarse creation. Sculpted by Mark Landwehr.

Includes the gleaming noop in 50cm high splendour. This hand crafted piece is finished in high gloss and lined with a soft felt base. Safely shipped in styrofoam and protected in a 4-tone printed supreme cardboard box.

coarse guarantees that every noop bust customer will have access to purchase the giant 69 cm high paw! bust, to be released in December this year.

Visit www.coarselife.com for full details, and follow them on facebook here.



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