Faith47 Diaries :: Chapter II :: Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo, Brazil

its my second time in brasil, so i was prepared for the visual onslaught of graffiti, and pixacio…
it took me a few days to get present as my heart was still biting from china..

its easy to move your body from one part of the world to another, but still it takes a little longer to process the movement of culture and environment..

sao paulo for a graffiti artist is a mecca of sorts… i dont think there is any other city in the world with so many painted walls and so many good artists..

maybe, chile… but its the most ive seen ever..
like a big playground… soaked in the brokenness of the city..
the time flew by in a flash i am just picking up the minutes now as i sort through the photos
really, i can hardly speak about it…

too much, too much.. my brain is quite. i can only allow the experiences to sink in in their own time..
but this was a real graffiti trip, lots of sketching, painting, meeting new familia…
and making plans to return in the new year i hope…

i hope the photos can tell the story as i am unable to myself..


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