Daft Punk for Dazed & Confused

As you may now have gathered I am a massive Daft Punk fan, let’s just say I have a slight man crush on the robotic duo. Their latest project aptly named the “Daft Punk sci-fi opus” is shrouded in a veil of mystery and the video above is one of the first visual previews of it. The only info available is what’s been shown in this preview and on Dazed.

“The preview posits the two electronic stars at the forefront of a concert hall decked out in tuxedos and their iconic body armor. The film will be devoid of dialogue, but promises to be a visual and musical journey.”

The preview leaves this project pretty open ended, but when it comes to Daft Punk you know what ever it is they’re cooking up will be something amazing. We’ll be keeping tabs on this project and letting you know when it’s released. So keep checking back!



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