New Rafael :: 8 Bit Renaissance Artist


There is nothing worse than websites that undermine the potential of the internet, the ones that basically just serve the same purpose as any other lame piece of marketing material, providing the user with contact details, about us, blah blah, who gives a fuck?


Regardless of the fact that there are awesome and groundbreaking technologies out there, sometimes you just wanna see some arbitrary, unaffected, interactive fun on the web, and that’s what Dutch designer Rafael Rozendaal brings to the party. His super 8bit, programmer style websites serve absolutely no function, and how awesome given the corporate nature of most web content today? They are very basic, playful and  interactive designs that cater to your A.D.D. appetite. The novelty will wear off quickly, and some may be a little visually overwhelming at first (epilepsy peeps beware), but check it out to teleport yourself into a world where MS Dos meets winamp visualisations in bitmap neon.



Click on images to view visualisations, or visit the crazed Dutchman’s website at for many more.



Rowan is part designer, part writer and a total techno tourist. He's one of the founding members of Don't Party. Catch him weekdays between the div tags.