The Arcade Exhibition :: A Yours Truly Send Off [interview]

If you had been in and around the Cape Town nightlife scene from the years 2007 – 2010 then you would not have been able to miss an Arcade event. A well needed party that was the result of a combined effort and mindset of Danna Gordon and Tyron Kuypers that truly gave an incredible push (if not the spark that lit the fire) to the electronic scene in the city.

For 3 Years Arcade remained a go to source for great music, upcoming DJ’s, great Artwork (inside the club and out) and incredible events. Hosting their first party at Mercury Live these superheroes of the night enjoyed a more than incredible run; and one that saw them grow from 100 ppl attending to a continuous and dedicated 1000.

But sadly, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end and the Arcade hung up their shoes to dry holding a final event at the Assembly at the end of 2010.

This Friday, the 21st of January 2011, there will be one final Arcade exhibition that will be used to pay homage to their art history. It will be comprised of some of the poster work designed by Justin Poulter and one horse town as well as a limited edition CD containing various of the musicians talents that have played at the events.

As an ode to the crew Dont Party caught up with Tyron Kuypers and Danna Gordon to have a quick Q & A with him about the legacy:

Q & A with ARCADE

  • How did you come up with idea the idea for Arcade?

The idea for Arcade come about 6 months before the first event (20 October 2007). There was a general lack of electronic/themed events in Cape Town and we wanted to create something new. We both had experience in the entertainment industry and a passion for the creative arts. Also there was this boom of new music coming from abroad and Cape Town wasnt doing much about it. We tied the two together and gave it a name…this was the start of Arcade.

  • Was it a success straight off the bat?

Every event was a learning curve. So no it wasn’t a success off the bat,however we judged our success on the feedback and overall appreciation of the parties! having a queue around the block in later months at 2 am didn’t hurt either! but we did learn how to innovate for success later down the line. We where always only as good as our last party.

  • You’ve previously said that the first party was the best and worst day of your life. Why is that?

Putting on your first event, young and being on the receding side of the ‘Club’, It was all new to us. Plus it was all our hard earned dolla invested into one event that happened to land smack down on the world cup final. As you know, in events you are total reliant on the attendee. So we were sweating. But after a few hours or so as the party progressed… The world biggest fight broke out and guess who was involved? Two of our ex staff members, and ourselves. I said ex because after that we had to renegotiate their terms and conditions about their position in the brand.  But anyways… shit went down and it was mental. Ill summarize it in a few words. Death threats, blood, broken bottles, wooden planks, black eyes, drugs and one final knock out with a foot to the chin! It was moving and I dont think any of us will ever forget it.

  • You’ve always had a strong collaborative merging between Arcade and artwork, whether it be in design or decor. Why is this?

Arcade wouldn’t be half of what it was without the input of the creative elements. We both have incredibly overactive imaginations that just wouldn’t rest so we thought to bring these ideas to life by creating an environment that expressed and dictated our combined off the cuff thoughts. This is what created our brand,in essence Arcade strived to be a creative wonderland for people to come and be apart off , when you entered an arcade you were basically entering into our subconsciousness . Every event had a new theme that we thought up and tried to bring to life and this was the essence of arcade personally both of our favorite part of putting an event together.

  • What does this exhibition mean to you?

This expo is something we’ve been wanting to do for a long time.We had bought up the idea with the amazing Justin Poulter about a year or two ago, but due to work, Justin left Onehorse Town and moved to the UK to work for I Love Dust.One Horsetown who Justin was a part of also included Simon Berndt and Shaun Swainland who continued with all our magical posters keeping true to the brand. The idea settled until Arcade hosted its last event at The Assembly when Onehorse town contacted us about hosting the expo at Yours Truly Deli. We where thrilled at the idea and have been working towards it ever since. The art work that had skillfully bought arcade to life needs to be recognized one last time and we cannot forget about the history behind each and every poster. We are sure it holds a special memory and moment for many that where a part of the brand in some way or another and that’s what we want to celebrate!

  • Where to from here?

Where to from here? Things have changed a lot since we last thought about that question. It looks like we have both evolved into what we do best and that was stemmed from what we learned and experienced from arcade and the amazing people we met along the way best. Danna has started her own management agency called Beatnix that is doing extremely well and Ty has been progressing in many different fields that are all linked at the end. We are both doing exactly what we’ve always loved. The great thing is that we’ve had the pleasure and honor of meeting and working with so many talented people along the way and still do, as we all are connected in one way or another. This is why we are here and active in the industry still, Its not a job that much anymore, its more of a lifestyle, and we wouldn’t change the experiences and what lies ahead of us for anything!



Friday, 21 Jan 2011

5pm til 8pm


Yours Truly Deli

Long Street, Cape Town

for more information on the exhibition click HERE

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