false friends blackout

He closes his eyes and blackness surrounds him.
The noop is all alone. Cast into a harsh wasteland, eroded by a burning struggle. The once perfect ecosystem has been penetrated. A gash remains; a vast bowl of entangled colours and decaying matter. Towers of waste eclipse the hazy twilight glow. Pools of rainbow poisons churn deep below the surface. No life can exist in this forsaken place, hidden away in the desert…hidden, so that they would never find it.

Remaining Mass. A forgotten energy occupies the mountains. Abandoned exoskeletons, jagged spines and wrecked machines rest uneasy. A thousand souls are dumped into the monstrous crater. The invisible watcher endures the pain of another triumphant harvest. If only he could have warned his generation about this evil that they had kept so close to them.

Awakening of Spring. With a spasm, and a surge of bubbles, the embryo thumps the wall of its protective cell, submerged in dense fruity goo. Its pulse sends tiny shockwaves into the surrounding fluid. Cosily caught in a pocket of time, untouchable, oblivious to the destiny that awaits it.

Casting Shadows. Colours flutter, and the air is sweet and crisp. He watches over Gum City as a gentle breeze licks his face. His paw! blimp floats high above him. It reminds him of the lighter days they used to have together, but now a colossal shadow is beginning to hang over all of them. It is fall.

Friends in Pain. His eyes frantically search for a fragment of light. He has lost all sense of direction, a helpless particle falling through a strange dimension. In the same instant, his delicate body is huddled on a hungry beach. Colourless sky, skin and sand drown into the background. Blood streams out of his mouth, forming a muddy puddle below him. Cruel nature has torn two friends apart forever.

Glimpse of Truth. The noop finds himself trapped in a dark and musty room. He looks down over a familiar life force, as it lies restlessly on a mattress. Its misery occupies every inch of the space. Every breath it takes reveals the trauma faced by its defenceless cells. The bandages covering its eyes don’t stop the visions from coming. It sits up with a jolt and faces the noop. “Only you can stop this. Break the cycle and end the suffering forever.”

The set contains the cloaked noop and a pitch-black paw! staring into nothingness. The distant duo is lost in black sponge. Hidden in a premium black box, stamped with gold and black foil – handcrafted to perfection. The package is completed with 3 original coarse poster prints and sealed by a transparent sleeve with the signature paw! nose.

Limited to 300 pieces

Available at www.coarsehkg.com on May 12 – 14

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