Kaws – Passing Through Exhibition [Hong Kong]

KAWS, the New York based ex-graff artist – come vinyl toy God, unleashes the madness on Hong Kong today with his most extensive display to date. The exhibition entitled ‘Passing Through’ includes a colossal 5 metre high version of his classic Companion piece, as well as a full display of his prior works and some exclusive drawings for the show.

The massive Companion was revealed last week, and the full show opens today [3/10/10] at Harbour City, in Kowloon, Hong Kong. Brian Donnelly aka KAWS will be attending the event and doing a book signing.

This follows the release of KAWS’ remakes of classic Disney characters Pinocchio and Tweety, adding the signature KAWS X eyes and skull&crossbones, that have become so synonymous with the artist who is widely considered to be the world leader in vinyl toys.

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