2Bop:: arcade expressionism (interview)

2BOP was founded in 2004 out of pure love for the classic arcade, “even before” 16-bit style game!

Since 2Bop’s entrance into the world of the Cape Tonian underbelly, they have hit the ground running. During the racist regime of the Apartheid government in South Africa the disadvantaged youth had little to inspire them in-terms of design or technology, classic, 20 cent (2Bop) corner shop arcade games, primarily from North America and Japan, were as close as the impoverished and repressed could get to what the creative talents overseas where up to. This is the medium that inspired co-creators, Anthony Smith and Bradley Abrahams, and so began a long love and fascination for the world of pre-super processor gaming.

2Bop has seemed to light up a switch in the youth, whether it be the concept or the design, the clothing range has been graciously accepted and revered by the underground youth culture.

Don’t Party caught up with the creators, innovators and arcade obsessed pioneers of 2Bop and asked them a few questions!

1 – Your stuff is kind of like a fresh, modern take on the arcade game era…

a. How often do you guys produce new work?

We generally do 2 ranges a year but we’ll probably do more  frequent smaller ranges from now on – ( look out for some interesting off key collaborations too )

b. How do you conceive concepts for new lines, i.e. take us through the process of your clothing’s creation?

We skiet games whole day :)

2. Do you have any aspirations to go national? Or is 2Bop a pet project, taken step by step, with no rush for expansion?

We supply some stores in Joburg and will be supplying Delboros in PE soon. They know how to close a sale! They will follow you out the shop and get you to buy Nike’s even though you’ve been rocking strictly Adidas your whole life! We’ve also started exporting to the States and Canada and will be opening our own online store in April… if FNB does in fact get paypal working properly in SA.

3. Your brand is obviously based on a passion for the 16 bit gaming era, how do your events/ clothing link to this?

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We’re influenced from even before the 16 bit era, commodore 64, 8-bit Nintendo and an array of arcade games that ranged in processing power. As for our Stiek 8-bit events we just have a good time playing old classics or revised versions of classics like we did in our recent Street Fighter IV tournament: Shout out to Salie the laanie, the official king of Street Fighter in Cape Town

4. Where do you want to see 2Bop in 2 years time?

The fucking MOON!

5. If you could pick anyone, alive or dead, to rock a 2Bop tee, who would that be?

Ant : Daigo Umehara  Jeff Bridges in the original Tron,  Biggie. fat 80’s fan waving Karl Lagerfeld

Brad: Tupac / Biggie / Andre3000 (he is a maverick as far as fashion goes IMO) / James Jebbia (Supreme) / The Dude

So if 2Bop speaks to you check out more here

and for a list of suppliers, click here

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