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People are crazy, we all know this. But what I don’t think we know is the sheer magnitude that this level of craziness can reach. Some people hurt animals, some people like to watch old people having sex, and some people dedicate their existence to TWILIGHT.

I don’t know about you, but I thought the books put me on a emotional level between complete boredom and complete intellectual collapse, but it’s fine, they were written for people between the ages of 0 and 15, but who would have thought these dull, pre-school books could have created as much of hype and stir in the world as the teen-blockbuster movies?

To me, this series is mediocre in every way. From pure America-meets-Hollywood screenwriting to the casting of tween “hotties”, Twilight is set to lullaby the Film aficionado into a perfect R.E.M sleep. But besides how un-entertaining these movies are the ying to this yang is the lengths that human beings will contort their psyche and mould their existence to adhere to the corporation driven production’s desires of perfect advertisement based obsession… It’s hilarious!

So today’s day brightener is the sight… This day brightener is so hilarious that it could keep you entertained for months.. just pick your quote and laugh out loud!

Here’s a screenshot for your viewing pleasure


Alex Wright

Alex Wright

Alex is an experienced digital analyst with a flavour for modern politics. His work stretches through to the foundation of Dont Party and various other creative movements.
Alex Wright