Site of the Week :: Kitsune Noir

 Site of the Week :: Kitsune Noir


Kitsune Noir is one of the sites I follow regularly. Its got a whole load of creative stuff from cool design, to mad architecture and a whole lot more. Its also responsible for some pretty cool initiatives such as the Wallpaper project and a store in LA. Check it out below


The name Kitsune Noir (pronounced Kit-soo-nay No-whar) is a mash-up of a Japanese and a French word. Kitsune means “fox” in Japanese, and Noir is “black” in French, so it roughly means “black fox”. I can’t really remember how I came up with the name, but I think I had recently gotten a Lonely Planet Guide to Japan and I was trying to learn French. Plus I have an immense love of both French and Japanese cultures.


My name is Bobby Solomon and I’m the guy behind Kitsune Noir. I currently live in Los Angeles where I work as a freelance designer of things pertaining to graphics and websites. I’m always looking for new projects, so if you’re in need of a creative type email me at


Check out the wall paper project run on the site. Its gort some pretty cool wallpapers for all the tech stuff you might own such as Iphones, Laptops and Ipods. Its even got Ipad wallpapers. [CLICK TO CHECK IT]


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t Site of the Week :: Kitsune Noir

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