Site of the week :: The Strange Attractor

This week’s site of the week is The Strange which is an awesome site covering nearly every aspect of art & design from graphic to animation to sculptures the list is endless. If it looks good you’ll find it here..

The Strange Attractor

The Strange Attractor was created to attract and share strange and exceptional art from around the world. We thrive on your emails – get in touch if you would like to submit work or recommend a post.

They also do some really awesome projects such as their latest one Pattern & Shape

The project involved 7 TSA contributors, the brief was this: design a t-shirt using a geometric shape and incorporating pattern. This project has contributions from seven artists, including Gavin Potenza /Portland, Driv Loo /Shanghai, Pete Barnett /Chicago, Andrio Abero /New York, Travis Stearns /Minnesota, Steve Rura /New York, and Matthieu Bessudo /London.. You can see the designs and read more about the project over at

Some pics from the site

Check TSA out at their Site [click] | Facebook [click] | Twitter [click] | Flickr [click]

Check TSA out at their Site [click] | Facebook [click] | Twitter [click] | Flickr [click]


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