Is David Guetta a “Fake” DJ?

A video of David Guetta has been dong the rounds and garnering quite a bit of attention of late. In the video the creator claims to provide proof that David Guetta is a fake DJ. The video claims to show that his Pioneer CDJ is turned off although some of the comments on Youtube have claimed it’s actually on and just appears to be off, although there are no blinking lights, or any indication that it’s even plugged in.

We will never know the full story and there are always conspiracy theorists creating hype where there is none but the video does seem to provide some pretty clear cut examples of Guetta cutting corners. There are also some comments claiming that these are isolated incidents but even that argument doesn’t fly with me! There are countless DJs who would never perform in such a manner and put loads of effort into their performances, who never even made the DJ Mag Top 100 let alone the number 1 spot.

I would personally expect a whole lot more from the so called number 1 DJ in the world. Check out the video and make your own conclusions


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