Gtronic :: Rebirth, Engineering, Migration and Dance Machine [Interview]

Gtronic holds a soft sport in the Dont Party team’s cyborg hearts. He was, as I have no other way to say this, our first. The first guy to put his faith in the DP brand and fly all the way to South Africa to play a packed out show in sunny South Africa. Little did we know how much of an amazing dude this guy would turn out to be and little did anyone know that I’d still be friends with him to this day!


The G recently did an entire revamp of his public image, and to mark this occasion I thought that it would only be fitting to catch up with the bass-monster and chat to him about what he has been up to since he came to SA, his new E.P., his “Rebirth” and more.


It has been a while since we last caught up with you, what has been happening in the world of Gtronic since South Africa?

Yo guys! Well, a lot has been changed. New manager, bookings agency’s, several EP’s and remixes, …

I graduated in 2010 as an engineer and became an artist fulltime hehe.

A lot of good stuff happened.

You’ve been travelling quite a bit… where has your musical journey taken you and who have you played alongside?

    Uhm that’s quite difficult to say. I play in 4 to 8 country’s every month.

    The last year I’ve seen a lot of cool places and played with a lot of good artists.

    Bangkok and USA were really cool, because it was my first time playing there.

    You have also remixed some amazing artists! How does that process happen? Do they contact you? Is it organised by labels?

      It’s a bit of both I guess. My manager arranges all the remix requests, but normally I’m already having direct contact with the artists. Most of the time it’s just the matter of available time.

      Arent you a qualified engineer? How / why / when / what!!??

        Hehe yup! I got some good job offers for working at big oil company’s. But I’m going with the flow at the moment.

        What I’m doing now for living, is so amazing. Being my own boss, traveling around the whole world and meet cool people… Partying every weekend and earn money with it. God, I hope I can keep up doing this for a while…

        What is the Gtronic “Rebirth”?

        Well, I’m now working for this Gtronic project for a while now. I guess almost 5 years ago I started producing music. But all this time I never thought about settling down a clear concept. A concept with an own visual style that fits the sound perfectly. Dark, rough, evil and mysterious are the keywords for this project.

        With this rebirth, we’re taking everything to the next level. I made with a cool promo video where you can feel the vibe and atmosphere of the Gtronic project. It was really exciting to make the audio effects and soundtrack especially for this short video. Beside this video I worked on a new logo, press picture, EP, …

        More new stuff is coming, but you’ll find out next week hehe.

        So old Gtronic RIP, it’s time for a new G. Rebirth…

        Your latest EP “Dance Machine” is amazing, a journey back to the original G. What inspires you nowdays?

          Thanks! The feedback I’m getting all over the world is my main inspiration. I’m trying to improve my sound all the time. Every EP is a sort of test project where I introduce new sounds. With the feedback I’m getting, I learn witch sounds I can re-use or develop for the next project. I’m already having good ideas for my next EP on Dim Mak Records…

          Are you still living in Belgium? Do you have any plans to immigrate?

          Yeah, I live in Antwerp, Belgium. I don’t have any plans to immigrate at the moment.
          To be honest, I think this will never happen. I see a lot of great places around the whole world, but all this traveling makes me homesick everytime.

          Immigrating means I would have to leave all my friends, to miss the nice culture in Antwerp and the most important stuff of all: I would have to say goodbye to Belgian frites with a good cold beer. Never gonna happen hehe

          What can we expect from Gtronic in the near future?

            I’ll keep developing my own sound keeping the underground electro trash values. New originals, cool remix projects and a lot of touring.

            As long the people like my shit, I will make this shit hehe

            Dankie en hopelik tot die volgende keer!


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