Fox Comet Interview

Fox Comet are a local Cape Town band making serious waves in the local rock scene…Their lead singer Rob is a good buddy of mine and we used to sing Backstreet Boys together during our AFDA days and I used to think, “This mans got some talent”, not as much as me but you know…

Anyway when I heard their band Fox Comet I knew he was pure class (and the rest of the band of course). I finally sat them down for a little interview.

Who are Fox Comet and what instruments you play?

  • Kyle Gray (A Somoan Viking) – Drums
  • Nick Catto (A left arm pace bowler) – Bass
  • Stephane Corneloup (A stylish frenchman) – Guitar
  • Rob Coutts (A rambunctious Ginger) – Vocals, sax, harmonica

Why Fox Comet? Where did the name come from how did you go around choosing it?

The name came from a Chinese legend of a Fox that traveled the galaxies looking for adventure and new worlds. The fox glided through the universe on different comets. There is no visual evidence of such a legend but we have undertaken the task on our shoulders to spread the legend. We love making and performing music, so we want to share our different style with as many people as we can. Just like the fox wants to travel to many worlds on his comet’s.

You guys were sick the other night at Assembly!  Where is your favourite place in South Africa to play?

Thank you! We digged playing at Assembly, it was such a rad place to play. For our first time there we were very stoked. We always enjoy places with great sound, ROAR (above Gandalf’s has brilliant sound). We also all collectively love playing at Zula. Nothing beats the bouncing floor when the crowd is really feeling the music.

Your genre is quite original in a sense, what artist/bands have inspired your particular music?

All four of us have different influences and inspirations when it comes to our music. So we always bring something a little different every time we write a song. We try to stay very groovy and funky in our melodies, with a bit of a hard pumping vibe from the rhythm section. So in that regard we would say Red Hot Chili Peppers, Incubus, The Police, The Dave Matthews Band, James Brown, Bob Marley, The Cat Empire and many others.

Do you guys have groupies and if so, who takes advantage?

Haha, of course we get groupies! It gets a little intense at times but we handle them well. Kyle definitely is the groupie handler, he definitely is the most natural ‘rockstar’ in the band.

What are your future plans? When can we expect an album?! its time the
world heard Fox Comet, don’t you agree?

Yeah for sure!! We are taking our time with the album, trying to refine our sound and we’re also looking for a good producer to collaborate with. We are aiming for the end of the year, so hopefully we will have something really awesome by then. We will definitely keep putting out singles onto the internet so check out our website

Beatles or Stones?

  • Kyle – Beatles
  • Nick – Beatles
  • Stephane – Stones
  • Rob – Stones (but I dig the Beatles as much)

Thanks guyz, you guys rock! Keep up the good work…

Images courtesy of The Assembly

Words by: Mat