The History of :: Soundcloud

I picked this up off of and had to repost it. If you have ever made a track in your life, ever thought about DJing, ever “dug” for music then you have probably experienced the wonderment of the Social Media music instalment: Soundcloud.

Alexander Ljung & Eric Wahlforss, sound desginers based in Germany, started Soundcloud in 2007 due to a passion for sharing music online. What makes Soundlcoud a little different from other music sources is that it is completely free to join and share; Therefore no cash is required to sign up or listen and song giveaways are up to the producers discretion.

Soundcloud [] now is one of the main sources or hot spots for up-and-coming producers, more well known ones and music fanatics from around the world. From the Beastie Boys, to Foo Fighters to the Rusko’s out there Soundcloud gives us them all… it is truly an internet gem… and here is their story…


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