Dont Party Interviews :: Red Huxley

A rock, indie, hells-yeh band from Cape Town they are the winners of ‘The Loeries battle of the bands 2009’ & ‘The Rock Premier League 2010’. A serious contender in the Sa Rock scene. We had a little chat with these dudes to find out what makes them tick! So without further ado:



Howzit guyz, as always, first things first…Who the hell is Red Huxley? And what are your weapons?

We are a rock band from Cape Town and we’re having a good time making our version of rock music. We’re armed with old school rock foundations and a straight and simple no frills attitude which has translated into a raw, gritty and jamming sound that intends to cut through the superficial layer of image based rock and hit you directly in the bones. (Exactly what old school rock intended to do.)

I love Band Names,why bands choose them and how they came to pass. Whats the story behind the name ‘Red Huxley’?

Well it’s a story about this crazy fictitious character who’s name sounded cool and just suited the bands sound. Band names are always tricky, suppose it sounds cool and feels right at a certain point in time and we decided, cool, lets smash it.

Being a successful band these means more than just playing killer music, you need something that sets you apart. What do you think makes you guys different?

A successful band is only as strong as their weakest link, so we try to do everything from the music to the artwork etc. as best we can. But what we think sets us apart on the music front is the fact that we play with a high energy and our sound is unique which gets people going at our gigs. People often say they can’t tell us who we sound like, which is a good thing.

What I also really dig about Red Huxley is the artwork you guys put on your posters, fan page, website etc. Who’s the designer? Is it one of you guys?

Yeah, Matthew our bassist is a mastermind designer and all things related which is insanely awesome. Artwork can be just as captivating as a really good song that gets you going, if you put strong visuals and music together it can be very powerful.

The biggest venue doesn’t necessarily mean the best audience. Which is the best crowd you’ve played to to date?

The best gig/party was the Rated R gig we organised at the Harley Davidson Club. It was a night filled with good music, lots of cheap booze, bikes and an awesome crowd. There was just an amazing atmosphere that lasted for weeks. Another bigger better party there is definitely on the cards towards the end of this year.

What band are each of you guys loving at the moment?

Murray – the new Foo Fighters
Dylan – The Black Keys
Matt – Kyuss

If you could play at any concert which one would it be and why?

We’re a little torn over this one, but Download, Glastonbury and Lollapalooza festivals spring to mind. Who wouldn’t want to play there?

Ive downloaded your whole EP, its okay…Kidding obviously hahaha…When can we expect a full album?

We recorded that EP ages ago at Red Bull studios and if you couple never-recorded-before nerves and an electric drum kit, I think its pretty cool for a first shot. (We’re probably a little over critical though, electric drumkits don’t gel nicely with rock music.)

At the moment we are in the relatively long process of pre preproduction of an album. We plan to release an 8song EP in the not too distant future accompanied by a music video. So we’re constantly busy trying to get all our shit together, so when the time is right we can make it happen and hopefully keep it going.

Oasis or Blur?

Its two against one for Oasis.

Nice one brutha’s!