Jack Parow :: Byellville [and an interview with SFR]

Jack Parow’s latest music video for the track Byellville has been garnering some serious hits and support on the net; so much so that it has had over 10 000 plays in 5 days! His comical antics and out-there character traits always makes it entertaining to see him in action!

Dont Party went a little deeper and caught up with the man behind the smoke and mirrors, the producer of this particular track: SFR. Known for his dubstep and drum and bass antics what many dont know about this Cape Town based producer is that he has been released on labels all around the world, has already toured Europe and has made tracks for a lot of SA’s top brass.

We spoke to SFR about the song and his relationship with Belville’s beauty, Jack Parow.

1. How did you and Jack Parow start working together?

I was deejaying at Die Mystic Boer one night and Zander (Jack Parow) came up to me and told me how much he enjoyed my set. I always like challenging myself as a producer, so I offered to write a track for him and he accepted.

2. How did the process of the track develop to what it is not: the final product?

I really wanted to do something a little different and after brainstorming for a while I eventually ended up with the idea of taking boeremusiek and fusing it with hiphop. After that I spent the next 2 days getting the idea together. I sent a clip to Zander, he loved the track, wanted to write lyrics and offered to release it on his forthcoming album.

There was a slight problem. Time. They needed the track finished within a few days and I had 3 DJ gigs In a row. So I literally finished the track in a plane while flying to Durban and at a club while Niskerone was sound checking for our gig that evening.

3. Do you write a lot of music for emcees or vocalists?

I dont often write for mc’s or vocalists which was the challenging part. But since writing “Byellville” I have been really excited to work more with local artists and mc’s. I have also started producing beats for some local pop bands which is really exciting since I am trying to bring the energy, grime, bass and groove that’s makes up Dubstep and Drum ‘n Bass into South African pop.

4. What music inspires you now?

There is a lot of music that inspires me at the moment. Kwaito and traditional South African music being my main influences currently. There is also a lot of good house music out there at the moment too, especially from the likes of Jack Beats, Herve’, Sinden and the Whole UK Funky sound. They kinda make house sound “Cool” again. hehe.

Incorporating the African sounds with dirty Dubstep style wobbly, grinding basslines seems to be a winner for me at the moment.

5. Are you and Jack Parow going to be working together again in the future?

Yes. I am busy with a bunch of new music which I am pitching for jack parow and we are both particularly excited about one of the tracks as its something totally fresh and different. I can’t wait to hear the public’s reaction to it! Uh! Laat jou boude skud!



liver sonar Jack Parow :: Byellville [and an interview with SFR]


I live in Johannesburg. I make music. I write about cool things. tweet me @liverbeats., or listen to me on Soundcloud.
liver sonar Jack Parow :: Byellville [and an interview with SFR]

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