Tasha Baxter :: Noisia, Nonsense and Now She’s Coming Back [Interview]

If you were in Jozi back when Drum and Bass turned the then Transky in Melville into the weekly hotspot that it became, you’d probably have noticed one black haired DJ singing into headphones, if you’d followed the career of that wee DJ in that wee bar then you’d have noticed that she won 2 SAMA’s for her debut album…. not too shabby hey…

But then Ms. Baxter kinda disappeared… Oh, But she didn’t…

What she has been up to is a whole lot more impactful than any SAMA or radio bump. She’s been collaborating with some of the biggest and best electronic artists in the world, started her own studio and been nurturing 2 lovely children, but before I give any more away let’s turn to the interview!



  • Hello Ms. Baxter, to say that this interview is a long time coming is an understatement, but finally we get to do this! How’re you today?

Im planning my birthday actually, cant believe im 30 already! My time flys…

  • What do you do on a day to day basis?

I run a music composition studio in the Braamfontein with my boyfriend Greg Reve, we make music for Film and TV commercials. Its called Humble Pi ?

  • You’ve been in South Africa’s spotlight but now you seem to have been putting more focus on the international market. Why is this?

Its not that have put more effort there, its just that it the relationships I have formed on the net over the years have finally bared some fruit, it’s a very quick and easy process for me to lay down vocals here and send em over. Funnily enough, I put less effort into the work I do overseas than the work I do here, and get a better response too, I have to work so hard in my own territory and get little reward , its frustrating and disheartening

  • Do you see any value in being a South African musician? By this I mean a ‘radio-friendly’ SA Artist?

Well sure, I live here, its important if you want to sustain a living you need to play the live circiut and play the corp shows, unfortunately it’s a small incestuous industry and the ceiling is low, it’s a struggle, constantly, all I can do is my part and hope for the best.

  • It seems that your European electronic music collaborations started in 2007 when Noisia produced your ‘Colour Of Me’ album. Was this the case?

Well no, my electronic collabs started way before that in 2001, the first of those was singing with legendary Counterstrike out of my home town Cape Town, a track called Questions and then another called Nemsis. I had also worked with Roger Goode on his debut album, 5 or so tracks, the likes of In the beginning and To move you. The Dutch boys came later when I moved up to the 011.

  • How did you end linking up with Noisia and why? Does it have anything to do with your DnB background?

Yeah, I statred Dj’in, my partner at the time (Dj Sonar) ran a night at transky in Melville on a Thursday ( reflex), it was the next best thing to do, it was easy, and not labour intensive, I didn’t need to rehearse or anything and it was instant gratification to DJ. He introduced me to Noisia, which I loved to play, and then I hit them up on AIM, the rest as we say is history.

  • Since then you have worked with some serious globally respected electronic artists. Let’s start with Chasing Shadows, how did they end up doing a remix of ‘The Visitor’?

They hit me up and asked if hey could? I said HELL YEAH.

  • Now from there we move to DnB superhero: Spor (a.k.a Feed Me). I am personally a super fan of his. How did the leap from the Dutch to U.K. producers happen?

Well, the internet has been the catylist for all of these collabs, I was chatting to Jon the same time I was chatting to the likes of Noisia, black sun empire, Teebee Calyx etc, the relationship grew and he was keen to produce my own material and forthcoming tunes, the likes of Ebb and Flow which is currently dpong rotation on the national stations.

  • You’ve done a couple tracks with him (including one on his latest EP; which is about to drop) how come you keep working together?

We have a good working relationship I guess, he likes what I do and vice versa, Im not complaining!

Feed Me Feat. Tasha Baxter – Strange Behaviour LIVE ON THE FRESH DRIVE by Tasha Baxter

  • What can we expect from TB in the near future?

I have anothre side project Im very excited about called Nicky Not On! This is myself and my boyfriend Greg Reve, then Im working with Le castle Vania, Madeon, Feed Me, Chasing Shadows, Im also writing for big artists over seas. So I should be very busy!

Tasha Baxter – Bikes (Teaser) by Tasha Baxter

  • Any final words, what would you like to say to the public at large?

www.tashabaxter.com x

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