iPad 2

The second iteration of the world’s most loved tablet has been unveiled to much fanfare and the renewed adoration of Apple fanboys the world over [myself included]. The iPad has flown into the hands of millions, 15 million to be exact [More than every tablet PC every sold]. The iPad has found uses in numerous professions and has even found itself a home alongside many of the world leading DJ’s and producers. For those of you who are unaware or have found yourself reading strange and uninformed reports about the new edition of the iPad, we’ve compiled some of the need to know info below. Check it!

iPad 2

  • The iPad 2 is still the same size but thinner [33% thinner to be exact and it weighs a bit less]
  • There are not two size variants [Contrary to what we-are-awesome had to say :)]
  • Storage capacities are the same 16gb, 32gb and 64gb
  • The iPad 2 now comes in white and black
  • It has two cameras [Front [VGA] and Rear [720p]]
  • The new iPad uses a new A5 dual-core processor, which Apple CEO Steve Jobs says is twice as fast as the previous iPad. He also said it will help boost graphics performance making it nine times faster.
  • You can now buy an HDMI dongle for output to HD TV’s and monitors
  • New smart covers were unveiled – That clean the screen, act as a stand and put the ipad to sleep and wake it up depending on the covers position.
  • Prices remain the same as previous versions
  • As usual thanks to Core Group South Africa, we wont be seeing it anytime soon. So get a friend to get you one when they travel abroad

For more check out the Apple Website

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