Love it or Hate it :: Jax Panik Get Up [If you’re hot] feat. HC [VOTE NOW!]

So wow our quick post on Jax Panik the self procliamed “semi musical celerity in South Africa” maybe he meant celebrity, really stirred up a hornets nest. Old Jax ended up throwing one hell of a hissy fit over the weekend. Now let me clear something up with Jax Panik – I DONT LIKE YOUR SONG – DEAL WITH IT! also we’re Cape Town based and not “emo people from Roodepoort” as he so eloquently claims.

Anyway as we all know music is subjective what I hate you may love and what you love I may hate. For instance Jax loves Justin Bieber [He said it not me] I on the other hand dont like Justin Bieber AT ALL! and yes millions of people love him, I don’t care I still don’t.

So what we have decided to do is place the power in the hands of you our readers and the throngs of you clicking over from Jax’s fanpage “Hi! and Welcome, lets keep it civil this time” – We’re actually really grateful to Jax for giving us this idea – from now on we’re going to let you guys rate new music video’s and other content. We’ll post it along with our humble opinion – as was done previously, much to the furor of the “Panik Team“, as Jax dubbed them on his fanpage, and then you can vote and prove us wrong or right.

If we’re wrong I’ll still be happy because that’s what is so awesome about music, we all like different things. If we all liked the same stuff we’d have no genres, we’d have no evolution and progress. I’m entitled to my opinion just as much as any of you and that’s why we’re doing this, we want you to have a say about the content featured on this site. Jax is extremely talented we never doubted that, I have since found out that he plays all the instruments himself, a pretty mean feat.

I still feel his sound in the above video is slightly generic and when held up against the likes of Gazelle, Spoek mathambo, P.H. Fat, Boomslang, Haezer, AKing, Zebra & Giraffe, Sweat X, Sibot, Markus Wormstorm, Jack Parow, Die Antwoord (the list can go on for a while) he lacks a certain originality that I feel many South African acts have attained. I don’t even like some of the acts I listed there but I love the fact that they have created a sound that when added to a 5FM playlist can stand out from the majority of the music played. I personally feel the above track does not: “Panik Team” get your pitchforks tie me to the stake and burn me!


We’ve set this up through a third party site – all locations and IP addresses will be logged by the software [not by us] in a similar fashion to our comments – It was fun seeing how many people were commenting multiple times under different aliases on the last post – weird that a lot of the comments came from the UK. All voting is 100% anonymous so feel free to vote as you wish!

No duplicate votes will be counted, and it’s not cookie based so dont clear your history and try again you’ll be wasting your time.


All loved posts will go to a special page, the same will be done for the hated posts. We’re still working out some of the finer details so the idea will undoubtedly evolve and grow as we move forward. We were under attack so we had to work something out pretty quickly!


Do you love or hate the song, vote accordingly!


*** voting concludes Friday 3rd September





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