Deadmau5 :: Gets Punched In The Head!

And in other news, proverbial mouse-head, Deadmau5 has been physically assaulted after he tweeted about how shit he thought the music from an opening DJ at a club in Brisbane, Australia was:

” Deadmau5 approached the unnamed DJ on the decks at the time and asked him to change the music he was playing.

The DJ refused and Deadmau5 walked away, only for the DJ to seek him out later on in the evening and allegedly punch him in the back of the head. Following the altercation, Deadmau5 left the venue.” – NME

After which the Mau5 tweeted:

“Birdee nightclub in Brisbane. Opening DJ came at me later in the night and decided to punch me in the back of the head.” He had earlier written: “Thank God for Creamfields tonight, cause the music at the after party is fucking god awful.”

“The identity of the local DJ is still unknown, but Australian producer Sampology has tweeted that he is a friend of his, writing on “Just found out a mate of mine punched Deadmau5 in the head at the Creamfields after party. Apparently my mate was DJing and Deadmau5 was harassing him for his tune selection and got up in his space so he dropped him.” – NME

This made my day!

If Deadmau5 gets punched for his attitude then this should serve as a serious warning to all you arrogant club-goers who decide to walk up to DJ’s and ask for songs that are in no way even associated with the music that is playing / tell the DJ what you would like to hear (as you push past the masses on the dancefloor)… he is the DJ for a reason!

***Thanks Barry Buck for the referral


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