Simon Cowell gets cuffed auto-tuning contestants on X-Factor [Video]

This is unbelievable and it’s actually not some mad-hatter conspiracy theory. X-Factor the show Simon Cowell created or should I say ripped off [It’s fucking Idols with a new name] has been auto-tuning contestants. Some of you might be thinking, “what the fuck is auto-tune?” [Check our previous post on it here], it’s basically software that makes a tone-deaf banshee like Paris Hilton recordable.

The controversy started after an 18 year old student Gamu Nhengu performed at the season premiere on saturday [Video above]. Many viewers noticed that she was locking onto notes in a way that had to be enhanced, particularly during the one portion of the second verse. This caused a massive uproar on online forums as viewers analyzed the footage and claimed it had to be auto-tuned.

Before the weekend was out an X Factor spokesman had admitted that Cowell’s company had applied Auto-Tune and other effects to that performance and others (including Shirlena Johnson’s, according to The Mirror UK) during post-production to make the contestants sound more impressive.

However they stated “The judges make their decisions at the auditions stage based on what they hear on the day, live in the arena,” the spokesman told the BBC. “The footage and sound is then edited and dubbed into a finished program, to deliver the most entertaining experience possible for viewers. According to a program spokesman, X Factor will cease this dubious practice once it switches over to live shows.

Unbelievable for a show that claims to search for truly talented singers, the mere fact that they auto-tuned the performances is a slap in the face to the very principles of the show. It does however explain why the South African equivalent Idols sounds so shit in comparison – Maybe we need to start auto-tuning some of our contestants!

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