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Dont Party will only hear blacklisting cases between the public and the entertainment industry at large, no other industry shall be considered.

Blacklisting will be determined by public submission. If Dont Party receives a complaint against a particular entity (defendant) 3 times or more with similar reasoning the entity will be considered valid for a potential DP Blacklisting.

Once an entity becomes valid for blacklisting the following steps will be taken to ensure that the sources are credible and that the challenged defendant has a free and fair time to respond.

1) A return email will be sent to each complainant verifying:

a. The entity against which the action will take place.

b. The reasoning behind the complaint.

2) Contact attempts shall also be made by email and / or telephonically notifying the defendant about the complaint and allowing them time to respond.

Once a reply has been received from the defendant and considered reasonable DP will then notify the complainants and await a valid response.

If the defendant does not reply within a reasonable time period DP will be forced to consider the complaint against them valid and they shall be automatically blacklisted.

Dont Party will not hear personal qualms or disputes and reserves the right to have the final say whether a claim against an entity is valid or not, and, whether that claim is reason enough to be considered for blacklisting.


Once a defendant becomes blacklisted they shall be displayed on the dedicated Dont Party BLACKLIST webpage until a time when the reason behind their blacklisting has become sufficiently seen as dealt with and the problem no longer exists.

The a) blacklisted Subject and, b) the reason for the blacklisting shall be displayed on the webpage.


Over the period of Dont Party’s existence the brand has built up a considerable loyal following and reputation in the industry; some use the brand as a go-to source for quality and current trends. If a defendant is blacklisted a credible mark will be put against that defendants name and the sources that deem Dont Party reliable will reflect negatively against that entity: this may have a detrimental effect on future business relationships for them.


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Alex Wright

Alex is an experienced digital analyst with a flavour for modern politics. His work stretches through to the foundation of Dont Party and a few other creative movements.
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