Ruth Bayer :: People On Poppers

Ruth Bayer captures the lifespan of an alkyl nitrate (poppers) high through a series of documentary style photos.

pop 10 Ruth Bayer :: People On Poppers

“To capture a moment in which the subject loses control, or at least slackens their grip on the reins, is a frequent goal in photography

Fascinated by the watery, dilated eyes and sensually heightened faces of those she saw taking Poppers in nightclubs, Ruth set out to capture those fleeting moments of euphoric aware/unawareness in the series of photographs presented in this book.” Ruth Bayer

Poppers is a muscle relaxant that when you sniff it causes the dilation of blood vessels, leading to increased blood flow and a rush of heat and euphoria, mainly available in sex shops, this liquid to gas inhalant induces brief moments of euphoria normally followed by a prolonged headache!

pop 9 Ruth Bayer :: People On Poppers

The photo-book seeks to document all the motives and motions of a poppers high and the reactions that come from it. From a series of interlinked photos Ruth Bayer uses ordinary portrait shots to document each and every single little twitch or movement

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liver sonar Ruth Bayer :: People On Poppers


I live in Johannesburg. I make music. I write about stuff.
liver sonar Ruth Bayer :: People On Poppers

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