Cape Town Speed Camera Skater to be Prosecuted

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Cape Town Skater caught on Speed Camera on Kloof Nek

Cape Town Speed Camera Skater Decio Lourenco to be Prosecuted


Cape Town Speed Camera Skater to be Prosecuted

Two days ago I posted a video of Decio Lourenco, 24, who with the help of a close friend Andrè Roux posted a video to YouTube showing him speeding down Kloof Nek Road and setting off the camera in the 60km/h zone. The post and video quickly went viral and before long Lourenco was being featured across the internet and even in local newspapers. Well he may be regretting hopping into the limelight and not laying low for a while. The Cape Times is reporting that according to Mayco member for safety and security JP Smith, “He (Lourenco) will be charged with reckless endangerment and he will not be given the option of a fine. The case will be opened with the police and we will ask the director of public prosecutions to prosecute.”

It became clear the second Lourenco’s name was out that this outcome would be inevitable, in other interviews he’s even admitted to going far faster with IOL reporting, “The graphic design student said his top speed down Kloof Nek Road was 110km/h, recorded with a GPS device fitted to one of his feet.”

There’s no doubt Lourenco has brought a massive amount of attention to Cape Town based skaters and Mayco member for safety and security JP Smith seems all too keen to jump onto the bandwagon and use him as a case in point for the city’s issues with skateboarders, “It is illegal for him to be on a public road, unless the road is designated for skating. With that speed he proves the point that skaters are reckless. If we find him, we won’t fine him, we will compel him to appear in court,” said Smith.

It’s pretty clear that this is far from over and the City of Cape Town appears to be out for blood, we’ll keep you updated along the way.

Watch the video HERE



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