Get ready for Dont Party.TV!!

This Friday sees the launch of the new Dont Party.TV website at what looks set to possibly be one of the biggest events in Assembly history. It’s the result of countless hours of hard work and dedication from a team of people who turned what started out as a discussion around an Arnolds breakfast table into something tangible that we hope you will all embrace wholeheartedly.

Over the years we’ve had the honour of working with some amazing people and we’ve tried our best as two young reprobates to turn Dont Party into something people will enjoy and hopefully look at as a reputable source of entertainment. There’s no doubt we would be nowhere without any of them and of course all of you who actually visit the site and read our daily ramblings.

The Dont Party team has grown rapidly and we have some of the best people ever working with the Dont Party brand and we hope the launch of the new site and video platform will allow us to continue to provide quality content on an ongoing basis. Creating the Dont Party.TV site and video content was made possible through the hard work of numerous people, such as:

Silo Dimba – Senior Editor, Cinematographer
Ewald Hoon – Editor, Cinematographer, Sound
Richard Huth – Web Design Ninja

Often accompanied by:

Lize Engelbrecht – Cinematographer (CPT)
Natalie Perel – Cinematographer (CPT)
Tash Montlake – Cinematographer (CPT)
Chaune Blofield – Cinematographer (JHB)
Malcolm Skene – 3D animation
Miguel Araujo: Sound Design

The team was constantly overseen and encouraged by Dont Party.TV partners Tyrone Kuypers and Michael Hazell who inevitably made the new enterprise possible.

In preparation for the launch, we’ve prepared a little teaser video with some of the people who have become a part of the Dont Party family over the years. There are countless people who aren’t present and quite a few we’re keeping secret for now, be there Friday to see it all!

All that’s really left to say is, “Get ready for Dont Party.TV!”



Tyron Kuypers – Camera
Ewald Hoon – Editing
Michael Hazell, Tyron Kuypers – Producer
3D Graphics – Malcolm Skene


Funa Fuji
Andrew Berry – we-are-awesome
Tommy Gun
Paul Ward
Battle Beyond The Stars
Emile – Feiyue South Africa
Munya Mysterion
Riot Squad
Bruce Willis?
Counter Strike
Mix n Blend


Feed Me – Pink Lady



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